A Record of Service as County Commissioner

  Created acclaimed SHINE alternative sentencing program to save millions
  Launched student SHINE program to encourage volunteerism
  Launched graffiti and red cedar tree removal programs 
  Elected by his peers to reside as Chairman of County Commissioners for 2017
  Stood firm against efforts by other elected offcials to give themselves raises
  Organized disaster response efforts after severe weather
  Cleaned up scandal-plagued commissioner’s office and stopped misuse of county property
  Put the taxpayer FIRST
As Commissioner, Brian will Focus on:

Jail Trust . . . “Continuing the transition of the operational authority of the jail from the sheriff to the citizen jail trust oversight committee will be my top priority.”

­  Infrastructure . . . . “Rebuilding the roads damaged by the construction traffic of eastern OK County turnpike.”

­  Opportunities for Youth. . . “Adding to the already growing numbers of young people who are giving back to the community through the Students for SHINE program.  Matching projects and programs with young people has been where we have seen some of our greatest improvements in Oklahoma County.”

All Rights Reserved. Maughan for Commissioner 2020

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