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February 28, 2023

Contact: Brian Maughan



Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan announced on Tuesday his intention to seek re-election.

“Over the course of my time in office, we have made major headway on roads, cleaning up trash and debris throughout the county and several county building facility renovations including on the current jail,” said Maughan.  “It is now essential to stay the course and get the new jail built as soon as possible.”

Maughan has been front and center in the conversations with residents of Oklahoma County about the necessity of a mental health facility as well as a new jail.  

“My focus is on the completion of a new county jail and mental health facility, in addition to the current road and bridge projects mapped out in the district’s five-year plan,” said Maughan.  

Maughan is currently serving in his third year as Chairman of the Oklahoma County Commissioners.  In addition, he is the president of the Oklahoma City / County Historical Society and serves on the boards of the Oklahoma State Fair and the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  Previously he served as president of the US Grant Alumni Association, OKC Sister Cities, and the South Oklahoma City Rotary Club.

Maughan created the award-winning SHINE Program (Start Helping Impacted Neighborhoods Everywhere) during his first term in office.  It began as an alternative sentencing program for non-violent offenders to be assigned to work with county crews in lieu of jail time in an effort to lower the county jail population.  Since then, the program has been expanded to include recognizing students and community members completing community service hours.  

“My team recognized how beneficial this program was for non-violent offenders so we worked to determine how it could be expanded to allow everyone in the community to participate,” said Maughan.  We challenge students to perform at least 100 community service hours during their high school or college experience. Most recently through SHINE, we’ve given students and neighborhoods the opportunity to care for community gardens, empowering neighbors and schools to work together.”

Maughan has always sought to be accessible to the citizens by encouraging them to call or text him directly at: 405-824-3120


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