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  • Created acclaimed SHINE alternative sentencing program to save millions
  • Launched student SHINE program to encourage volunteerism
  • Elected by his peers to reside as Chairman of County Commissioners since 2021
  • Stood firm against efforts by other elected officials to give themselves raises
  • Organized disaster response efforts after severe weather
  • Cleaned up scandal-plagued commissioner’s office and stopped misuse of county property
  • Put the taxpayer FIRST
As Commissioner, Brian will continue to focus on:

Over the course of my time in office we’ve made major headway and we’re reaching for even bigger goals.  If re-elected, my focus will be on the new mental health facility completion and construction of the new county jail, which was approved by voters last summer. I’ll remain vigilant about our roads, bridges and infrastructure.  

In addition to my focus areas, I’m also dedicating my time to the following initiatives: 

  • An Oklahoma Music Trail to celebrate our countless number of native music stars.

  • Current property expansion surrounding Tinker Air Force Base which will bring new jobs to the area and further provide for our military needs.

  • Working with the recently created Route 66 Commission to prepare for its upcoming Centennial Celebration.

  • Working with several non-profits that my office has assembled in a collation effort to combat some of our community’s greatest needs in ways that go beyond what local government alone could never provide. 

I’m excited to announce the SHINE Program (Start Helping Impacted Neighborhoods Everywhere) has grown leaps and bounds.  The original program served as an alternative sentencing option for the courts to assign low-level offenders to work alongside county crews to clean up trash, remove graffiti, and partner with several non-profits in the community to assist them in serving others. Students for SHINE continues to recognize students with a distinguished graduate cord at commencement after completing 100 or more hours of community service. This past year we launched Citizens for SHINE to recognize people who give their time to help others.  One of the neatest outcomes of these programs has been the creation of SHINE Community Gardens, which teaches students and empowers neighborhoods to grow and harvest food for their families. 

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